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About Us

Welcome to the new generation of Australian Radiology solutions - Contrast Imaging Solutions.  Proven cost-effective solutions that are ideal for any imaging centres that are looking at replacing a legacy or inefficient RIS and/or PACS system, or those making their first foray into the world of digital imaging.  Contrast Imaging Solutions is committed to providing clear radiology workflow outcomes by building on and improving your existing processes with hardware, software, and most importantly with the right advice that only real on-the-ground experience can provide.  

Contrast Imaging Solutions has quickly become renowned for supplying process-effective radiology solutions, not just products.  We are about improving your workflow and know how important a fast, stable, integrated solution is to your radiology practice.  Contrast Imaging Solutions is owned and run by practicing radiolology professionals and long standing radiology informatics professionals, so you can be assured that the Contrast Imaging community of professionals will be able to provide you with not just systems, but the right advice that gives you the 'Solution' to your workflow needs.

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